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Food and Nutrition

Why study Food and Nutrition

Food Preparation and Nutrition equips our students with an array of culinary techniques, as well as knowledge of Nutrition, Food Science, Provenance and Kitchen Safety. We aim to develop a greater understanding of the range of food available, the benefits of eating a healthy diet and increased awareness of food security, promoting a love of food, confidence and independence in the kitchen.


Our Key Stage 3 curriculum introduces the students to the principles of a healthy diet, a range of practical skills as they work with key commodities and create challenging outcomes. The course is delivered mainly through practical activity. The students will develop their knowledge of food safety, source and security. They will study information about different dietary needs to understand the requirements for a range of consumers. They will develop an interest in food science as the students learn about the chemical and physical functions of the ingredients used to make recipes.
Our extensive facilities include well-equipped kitchens with a wide range of equipment to promote skills and creativity in cooking.


Food Preparation and Nutrition is ideal for all students who enjoy making a wide variety of food products. Students must be committed to cooking every week, where possible, to fully develop their practical skills and confidence. The emphasis is very much on developing food preparation skills with a wide range of commodities, understanding the nutritional value of food and the nutritional requirements of specific target groups. Food science is a key part of the course, developing knowledge of the functions of ingredients in all products.The course focuses on learning about up-to-date issues regarding diet and healthy lifestyles, food safety and hygiene with strong links to food provenance. The school has developed links with food businesses who aim to support learning in various ways, e.g. Betty’s Cookery School and Springboard. The food course equips students with valuable life skills, enabling them to choose food wisely and competently prepare a wide range of products for different groups of people and occasions.

Formal Assessment

50% Written Exam (1 hour 45 mins)
50% Coursework – 2 tasks set by the exam board.
The coursework comprises a Food Investigation Task (15%) and a Food Preparation Task (35%) both to be completed in year 11.

REACH values in ART

Respect in Art means….

Exploring other cultures, societies and points in time.

Acknowledging and appreciating the work of others.

Being sensitive and open to other people’s opinions, ideas and beliefs.

Taking care of the work of others within the environment.

Taking care of materials and equipment.

Listen whilst others are talking.

Excellence in Art means…

Making connections with the work of others and using this to develop your own practice.

Expressing original/imaginative ideas

Producing creative work demonstrating high levels of skills and ambitious visual literacy.

Reflecting critically on your work and progress, always striving to make improvements.

Working independently and setting your own goals through self-reflection.

Adventure in Art means…

Having the confidence to express your ideas and opinions

Exploring issues that impact upon the world and are relevant to your life and the lives of others.

Developing your own ideas and independence.

Working in a wide range of subject areas with a wide range of materials and techniques.

Taking risks with your creative practice in order to develop new ideas.

Commitment in Art means….

Visual research beyond the classroom by recording the world around you, visiting galleries, museums and exhibitions.

Taking responsibility for your own learning.

Perfecting and practicing the things you find challenging.

Asking questions to deepen your understanding.

Accepting that the creative process never stops there is always more to be done.

Striving for exceptional progress in development of skills, use of materials and development of ideas.

Honesty in Art means…

Being willing to accept and respond to feedback

Being prepared to have your own opinions whilst being sympathetic to the opinions of others.

A willingness to share your ideas, thoughts and opinions with your teacher and the group.

Curriculum overviews

Food & Nutrition – Year 7(pdf)

Created September 2023

Food & Nutrition – Year 8(pdf)

Created September 2023

Food & Nutrition – Year 9(pdf)

Created September 2023


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