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Government and Politics

Overall Government and Politics Intent: 

  • Students of Politics at HGS have an eagerness to embrace complex ideas and differing views of the world. 
  • Students are encouraged to understand themselves based on the diverse world around them and to understand others in their local, national and global communities.  
  • To give students the confidence to defend their beliefs and the ability to be open-minded about the beliefs of others, approaching political ideas with a critical eye. 

Key strengths of the curriculum

Government and Politics at HGS follows the Edexcel specification. 

  • Students are introduced to the course using broad themes such as democracy – a large part of the course is focused around key debates in UK and US Politics, for example extent of pluralism and elitism in political systems. 
  • Students are exposed to ideological ideas towards the end of Year 12 – this is more complex and therefore comes after students have already studied the ideas and core beliefs of UK political parties, providing a foundation for the more complex ideological ideas encountered and a springboard for the study of US politics. 
  • The sequencing of curriculum across the A Level is designed to reinforce core knowledge and broaden understanding of substantive concepts to create a web of knowledge that students can draw on. 

Golden thread themes include – democracy, elitism, ideological coherence, the nature and extent of political power and influence. 

Key strengths within Government and Politics  

  • Teacher subject knowledge – particularly the UK aspect of the course.  
  • Questioning – targeted for access and challenge. 
  • Provision of challenge reading and opportunities to enrich understanding of current affairs 
  • Careful modelling  
  • Production of targeted resources to meet the needs of all students 
  • Presence of strategies to promote depth of long-term knowledge retention 


REACH in Politics

Curriculum overviews


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