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Design Technology

REACH Values in Design Technology

Respect in Design Technology means…

Be mindful of the Social, Moral, Cultural, Ethical and Environmental influence of Design and Technology in the wider world.

Understand that Good Design is about Solving Problems for an end user, making people’s lives easier and better.

Look after your learning spaces; tools, machines, CAD/CAM equipment and materials are there for you to use, not abuse.

Using Evaluation and Feedback to help Develop your Creativity.

Listen whilst others are talking.

Take care of your own work and that of your peers.

Excellence in Design Technology means…

Be proud, confident and independent in presenting and producing bespoke work to the best of your ability.

Demonstrate skill when manufacturing high quality products.

Work independently and set your own goals through self-reflection.

Adventure in Design Technology means…

Be creative, be innovative, be inspirational, be inspired. Offer your thoughts and be analytical of your own and others work.

Take risks, express yourself and explore all design possibilities through ‘Iterative Design’, ideas are endless.

Develop your understanding by using wide range of materials and processes, including CAD/CAM.

Use advances in technology to help you design and make your work and understand that products evolve due to Technology Push.

Be able to critically appreciate and analyse Form and Function.

Commitment in Design Technology means…

Have a positive approach, with a ‘Can do’ attitude to your learning.

Be responsible for your own learning.

Fully participate in activates; always strive for exceptional progress when emerging skills, improving your abilities to use a range of materials and processes and in the development of ideas.

Research beyond the classroom by recording the world around you, visiting galleries, museums, exhibitions.

Be inquisitive, find out how things work, how are they made, what are they made from. Ask unlimited questions.

Complete all Home Learning tasks set by teachers

Honesty in Design Technology means…

Follow the workshop rules to keep you and your peers safe. Take responsibility for your behaviour.

Provide constructive feedback to help yourself and others improve work.

Accept and respond to feedback in a positive manner.

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