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Further Maths


Maths at HGS aims to spark a passion in maths for all students, no matter what their starting point is, through the beauty of discovering patterns, making connections and looking for the ‘why’ behind mathematical formulae.


Maths is taught as a sequence of connected small steps (Key Learning) and connections are explicitly taught.  

A greater amount of time is given to each concept, challenging students at all levels and allowing each one the greatest possible chance to gain the fullest possible understanding of the subject.

All students are encouraged by the belief that by working hard at mathematics they can succeed and that making mistakes is to be seen not as a failure but as a valuable opportunity for new learning. 

Students tackle rich and diverse problems fluently and make reasoned decisions based on their deep understanding. 

Our curriculum aims to make mathematics relevant and allow a successful progression to life beyond secondary school.

Key Strengths of our Curriculum 

The Maths curriculum at HGS exceeds the National Curriculum for Maths. 

  • The department have adopted a Teaching for Mastery approach, underpinned by the 5 Big Ideas: Coherence, Representations and Structures, Mathematical Thinking, Variation and Fluency.
  • The curriculum is excellently sequenced from Year 7 to 11, with alternative pathways for students in Year 12 and 13 to allow all students to study maths post 16 including Core Maths, AS Maths, A Level and Further Maths. 
  • Significant time is spent developing a deep understanding of the fundamental key ideas and concepts that are needed to underpin future learning. This allows students to develop deep, connected understanding of key learning, which once secured it is revisited in later years through other areas of maths. When a new topic is introduced the connections between previous learning, and the underlying structures are made explicit, which helps to ensure that students’ learning is sustainable over time. 
  • We are inclusive - all students are exposed to tricky concepts, to problem solving, as well as complex language which is threaded throughout.
  • For those students who grasp ideas quickly, acceleration into new content is avoided. Instead, these students are challenged by deeper richer questions which encourages mathematical thinking.
  • In a typical lesson, students are given the opportunity to develop understanding through discussion and the exploration of ideas before learning formulae or theorems.
  • There is a targeted Intervention programme to support students from Year 7 onwards: including Core Plus lessons, small group sessions, extra support in lesson, additional support afterschool and lunchtime clubs.
  • There are strong links with feeder primary schools and liaison and visits with Primary schools ensure a smooth transition of the curriculum.

Key strengths of the subject area 

  • Teacher Subject Knowledge and passion for maths as subject experts.
  • Collaboration between staff to share lesson ideas and teaching principles.
  • Part of the National Teaching for Mastery Programme.
  • Expertise of the Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub Lead and the Secondary Mastery Lead in the team.
  • Expertise of 4 examiners in the department.
  • Progression into Key Stage 5 currently 60% (210) of Y12 and 70% (213) of Y13 study Maths.
  • One of largest Core Maths centres in the UK: 90 students in Y12 and 122 in Y13.

REACH Values in Maths

Respect in Maths means…

Listens to the responses and questions of other students as well as teacher explanations and instructions  

Contributes to a positive learning environment 

Excellence in Maths means…

Is fully prepared for each lesson with all necessary equipment (including calculator, pencil, ruler and protractor) 

Makes 100% effort and completes work to their best 

Asks questions to further understanding 

Adventure in Maths means…

Discusses mathematical concepts with other students 

Takes a risk in class by asking or answering questions 

Seeks links between different topics (i.e. between algebra and geometry, square numbers and prime factorisation) 

Embraces any challenges given and enjoy the journey maths can take you on

Commitment in Maths means…

Commits themselves fully and takes pride in all work. (Detailed mathematical working demonstrates clear understanding of a topic.)  

Keeps trying when the work becomes difficult 

Has high expectations, and immerses themselves in the learning 

Honesty in Maths means…

Reflects on their level of understanding as they are learning. (Ask yourself “Do you understand the work or can you just do it?”) 

Knows what they need to do to improve 

Asks for help if they need it 

Acts on feedback even when it requires extra work 

Curriculum overviews

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