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REACH Values in Computer Science

Respect in Computer Science means…

Using computer equipment, software and other resources, responsibly and considerately.

Acknowledging and appreciating the work and achievements of peers.

Offering help to peers when needed and seeking help without hesitation.

Listening actively and valuing other contributions and being open to diverse perspectives.

Excellence in Computer Science means…

Reflecting critically on your work and progress, always striving to make improvements.

Continuously learning outside the classroom, improving coding skills and staying updated with the latest technologies and trends.

Articulating ideas clearly and concisely, both verbally and written using specialist terminology.

Adventure in Computer Science means…

Having a willingness to embrace complex ideas and unfamiliar concepts.

Experimenting with new, more complex programming techniques and applying them to your work.

Taking a risk in class by asking and answering questions.

Commitment in Computer Science means…

Regularly dedicating time and effort to practice coding and theory concepts.

Striving to deeply understand core concepts and continuously improving technical skills.

Punctuality and preparedness, being on time every time for lessons, meeting homework deadlines and being prepared to engage and contribute meaningfully.

Honesty in Computer Science means…

Asking for help if you need it and communicating issues honestly.

Acting on feedback even when it requires extra work.

Writing and submitting original code for challenges and assignments.

Being prepared to change your opinion based on new information and evidence.

Detailed course information for the above Sixth Form courses can be found in the Sixth Form Prospectus

Curriculum overviews

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Computer Science Curriculum KS3

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