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Business Studies

Overall Business Studies Intent

· HGS Business students will have an insight into what is happening in the business world around them and the changes that are being made within certain industries. They will look into the dynamic nature of business and how business decisions are being moulded by external events and changes in consumer preferences.

· HGS Business students will use their analytical skills to assess the impact the wider world will have on businesses and look from different stakeholder perspectives at the impact that certain changes an organisation makes will have.

· HGS Business students will use mathematical concepts to evaluate the success of businesses and strategies that have been used and make judgements on what could be improved.

Key strengths of the curriculum

Business Studies at HGS follows the national curriculum produced by Edexcel.

· The curriculum is mapped out to ensure that topics flow seamlessly and are chunked to make them more accessible to students. There is a logical progression through the GCSE and A-level programme.

· Students are provided with independent learning resources that can be accessed through Showbie and GCSE Pod to allow them to develop their own knowledge on their own and to address any gaps that they may have. This enables them to develop their knowledge over time in a way that is most effective for their individual needs. They also have current books available in the library and a subscription to Business literature through the EPQ programme.

Golden thread themes include – the impact on marketing, finance, human resources, operations, the external environment, the dynamic nature of business

Key strengths within Business

· An experienced staff team that share resources and knowledge to ensure students have access to materials that help them to succeed

· Independent resources are available for key stage 4 and 5 students to work through to develop their understanding beyond the classroom

· Questioning is targeted for access and so students can be challenged

· Model answers are provided so students can see what an examiner is and is not looking for

· Recall activities are regularly used in lessons to allow students to retain information covered at the start of the year

· Pre-learning booklets are available to help students chunk their learning so that it is more manageable – this is particularly important for a topic that is new to all students at year 10 and 12 level.

· Teachers use updated online CPD resources relating to KS4 and KS5 Business Studies published by Tutor2U

· Current news articles and exam resources are regularly emailed and shared with students. Additional Business literature is available in the library.

· Teachers are part of the EBEA (Economics, Business and Enterprise Association) which provides updated help and guidance in the delivery of Business-related qualifications.

· Experiential opportunities are provided to key stage 4 and 5 students throughout the year – including trips, guest speakers and Young Enterprise

REACH values in Business & Economics

RESPECT in Business & Economics means…

Recognising different cultural and historical business ethics and practices

Understanding that different economic systems are important to study and being ready to learn from these

Realising that business operates in a global environment and we have a responsibility to celebrate this

Appreciating the role business can play in respecting the environment

EXCELLENCE in Business & Economics means…

Being able to confidently interpret, analyse and evaluate business information to draw informed conclusions

To form and challenge hypotheses

Being able to apply theory, knowledge and skills to real world contexts

Appreciation and understanding of differing stakeholder perspectives

ADVENTURE in Business & Economics means…

Having a willingness to embrace complex theories, using appropriate business language

Developing a professional curiosity about the subject and the wider economy

Appreciating businesses operate in a dynamic and challenging environment

COMMITMENT in Business & Economics means…

Trying to understand the interconnectedness of the global economy

Developing informed and passionate opinions whilst recognising the view of others

Taking an active interest in local, national and global economic developments

HONESTY in Business & Economics means…

Being prepared to change your opinion based on new information and evidence

Thinking independently rather than following the crowd

Being able to celebrate success and confidently seek support when needed

Curriculum overviews


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