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Lost/Stolen iPads

It is important to move swiftly on the loss or theft of a school iPad to maximise its safe return. It is therefore important that the iPad is regularly charged and backed up, and that the following actions are undertaken as soon as possible:

  1. Go onto FindMyiPhone using a home or school computer, home laptop or iPad and click “Play Sound”. This will give an audible noise to help you locate your device whilst it is still charged up.
  2. If you are unable to locate the iPad via “Play Sound” please put the item into “Lost Mode” and inform Network Services as soon as possible (or the iPad administrator at The iPad administrator works throughout the school holidays Monday to Thursday until 4pm.
  3. If you are certain the iPad has been stolen (or permanently lost) please “Erase” the iPad immediately and follow the normal iPad Repair procedure including any Police Incident No, on your repair form. When the iPad next connects to Wi-Fi, it will be erased.

This is the final step if your iPad is permanently lost or stolen, but please do not worry. Provided you have been backing up regularly you will lose little or none of your work or Apps when any replacement iPad is restored using your personal AppleID.

Charges for a Lost or Stolen iPad

Lost or stolen iPads (provided they do not fall under the What Is not Covered (Exclusions) on the iPad Repair T&Cs, are subject to a higher Repair charge than the standard fee, payable before a replacement device can be issued (please see the  iPad Repair procedure page for the latest higher repair fee to pay).

Whilst your child is without their iPad they can access their emails from home using a home PC, laptop or computer via and any work/homework can be completed via and/or Homework4

Additional Information to be aware of

If you leave your iPad on a bus or alone in a park, take it on holiday and leave it behind, or on the plane for example, this would not be covered under our Repair Service because the iPad would have been left unattended. In these circumstances please follow the “Erase” instructions above and contact the iPad administrator immediately to discuss the options available to you.

Quite often an iPad can turn up within a couple of weeks and if this is the case and you have been provided with a replacement iPad, you will be refunded when the replacement iPad is returned, as long as it (and all its accessories) have been returned undamaged.

If you plan to claim off your house insurance a receipt for this payment can be provided for your insurer please just email the iPad Administrator at with your insurer details so that this can be forwarded onto them.

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