Sports Academy programme

The core purpose of the Sports Academy is to provide Sixth Form students with the best possible environment to achieve their sporting ambitions alongside achieving academic excellence.

As well as a detailed training schedule and regular fixtures, there will also be lifestyle lectures from guest speakers on nutrition, mental wellbeing, recovery and resilience. Being able to weave this work into the academic demands of Sixth Form life enables the students to be challenged and to excel both in the classroom and on the pitch.

The Sports Academy aims to provide students with the necessary skills to ensure a pathway into sport beyond school at an appropriate level for them. Our objective is to help every student achieve the best they can, and for some this will be playing sport at a professional level.

We believe that the values students develop in sport, such as discipline, resilience and commitment, carry across into their academic work and beyond. We want Sports Academy students to learn important key values through the medium of sport. Sports teaches students how to remain focused and committed during high intensity competition, to respect their teammates, opponents and officials and to play fairly. These core values embedded in our students will hopefully enable them to be better people, citizens and future employees.

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The Sports Academy Sponsorship proposal