Your entry requirement is 24 points in the 6 best full GCSE/BTEC courses, including English and Maths at grade ‘4’ or higher. What does this mean in terms of actual grades?

24 points is the equivalent of 6 x Grade 4, but remember we do not include GCSE short courses in the count and BTEC qualifications will only count as 1 GCSE. If more than 1 BTEC is studied, only the best will count to the overall point score. You will need 5/6 and above to access a number of courses in the Sixth Form.

The prospectus says that if you have 36 points students have full choice of any course, subject to course requirements. What does this mean?

36 points is the equivalent of 6 x Grade 6. With this profile most courses, apart from Maths and Languages, will be available to you. If your points profile is lower than this students select some project based qualifications. The reason we do this is to ensure that we maximise your potential to progress from the very start. The list of project-based subjects and exam-based subjects can be found in our prospectus.

Where can I find the course requirements?

All of the course requirements can be found in the prospectus which is available to download on our school website.

I know what courses I want to study before the taster sessions, can I apply early?

Yes. We encourage early applications as this helps us to manage the large volume of applications. The benefit to you is that you can secure an offer of a place and this can be quite motivational as you study in the final year of your GCSEs.

What happens after I apply?

When you have made your online application, you will be contacted to arrange an options meeting in school. In a situation where a student lives oversees we use Skype. The meeting takes approximately 25 minutes.

How can I prepare for my options meeting?

You are not judged in any way on your performance. The meeting is designed as a dialogue so that you can ask questions and so that we can gather all the information that we need as a school. The most important preparation that you can undertake is to reflect and research your course choice and be clear that it best suits your strengths, interests and future aspirations. It creates a good impression if you can confidently talk about your future aspirations and wider interests outside of school.

How do I confirm my place?

After the meeting we apply our admissions policy and if you are successful you will receive a conditional offer outlining the grades that you need to achieve in the summer. We then ask you to confirm that you have received our offer. We confirm your place in the Summer term when we have checked your offer against your examination results.

What happens if I don’t meet my offer on results day?

We encourage you to contact the school with your examination results. Although you may have not met your offer you may have met our overall entry requirements. We will then look to recourse you onto a suitable course. If you have not met the entry requirements, we will discuss individual students’ situations based on exceptional evidenced circumstances outside the control of the student or institution.

How can I keep in contact with the school after the Open Evening?

We ask you to leave your email address on the evaluation form so that we can keep in contact with you after the Open Evening. We also encourage you to follow us on Twitter: @HarrogateGS and Instagram: @6thformhgs