Wellbeing and Mental Health

Harrogate Grammar School is a positive place to learn where all staff and students feel safe, supported and that they belong. Our mental health and wellbeing strategy is led by a Tim Milburn, the Deputy Headteacher and Senior Lead for Mental Health, with robust policies, structures and impact criteria underpinning this area of the school.

All professional development and learning is underpinned by evidence and expertise and our staff are sufficiently trained in relation to their role in school. This includes a proportion of staff who are trained in Mental Health First Aid. Mental health and wellbeing is embedded in both the pastoral programme and through our curriculum. Students know how to ask for support and to disclose any incidents of bullying and discriminatory behaviour. They are also regularly consulted, actively engaged in decision making and confident they will be listened to, taken seriously and well supported. Our extensive extra-curricular programme offers activities which also supports wellbeing. There is a referral and pathway process for students who need additional support. Effective intervention is evidence based and draws on child and adolescent development.

The school has strong links with local agencies and organisations which offer mental health support services. We have worked extensively with St Michael’s Hospice to develop an emotional wellbeing support service, Just B, for our students. Robust quality assurance is in place for all external mental health provision which is evaluated and reported at senior leadership and governor level. The school ensures a non-judgemental, warm and welcoming environment for all parents and carers. Effective relationships are fostered and maintained. The school provides learning, guidance and support and uses effective strategies when working with parents and carers. The school has recently been recognised for work in this area and was awarded the School Mental Health Award.