iPad repair terms & conditions

Students in the school iPad Scheme must submit their iPads for repair through the Network Services team so that this can repaired by an approved repairer. This is not a new-for-old replacement scheme. Should an iPad be uneconomical to repair or need replacing a similar or older used model will be issued.

The iPad must not be repaired through a third party, be removed from its protective case, be subjected to deliberate damage/vandalism or wilful neglect, or exceed the allowed number of repairs in any one scheme (see below).

Failure to adhere to these rules will mean that the student will be asked to leave the iPad scheme immediately and they will be issued with a Leave@School iPad, on loan.

Leave@School iPads are collected/returned each day from a designated collection point in school and are not allowed home except in very exceptional circumstances (and then only with maximum restrictions placed upon the iPad). Students with Leave@School iPad status are ineligible to join any future iPad scheme.

What is Covered

The following repairs are covered under our Repair Service for school iPads only:

1. Accidental Damage*

2. Loss or theft*
* Not all repairs are carried out at the standard repair rate. Please visit our Repairs Procedure page to see where a higher rate fee is payable.

What is Not Covered (Exclusions)

The following are not covered under our Repair T&Cs:

1. Accessories (cases*, Apple Charging plugs/charging cables, or earphones
* iPads returned from repair that do not have a suitable school iPad case to fully protect the iPad will be provided with a replacement iPad case at the time of returning this to the student. This is charged at additional cost to any repair charge, at the prevailing rate

2. Loss/Theft not reported to Network Services within 2 days of loss, unless this falls over a weekend or a holiday in which case it MUST be reported on the next available school day

3. Damage caused by any Third Party Repair

4. iPads exceeding the maximum allowed number of repairs (3 repairs in a 3-year scheme, 2 repairs in the Year 12 iPad scheme, loan iPads pro-rata)

In addition, there are also common insurance exclusions. The major exclusions are:

1. Damage or destruction due to general wear and tear

2. Thefts from unattended cars where the item was not locked away from view

3. Theft or loss whilst the equipment has been left unattended in a public place (ie when not within your sight and control at all times)

4. Intentional damage or wilful neglect (this includes taking the iPad out of its case)