Repairs/lost iPads

If you have a school iPad that requires a repair please can you print out and complete the repair form at the bottom of this page and then pay the relevant repair charge (payable on the online payment system under Products). When your payment is successful you will receive an automated email from Please print this out and attach it to your repair form.

If your iPad is lost or stolen please follow the same procedure as for a repair but also please follow the instructions given under Lost or Stolen iPads on the top right hand side of this page as soon as possible. The replacement charge for a lost or stolen iPad is double the normal repair charge.

The repair form needs signing off by the Year Manager before it is taken at lunchtime to the Network Services team.

iPads without proof of payment or the correct form will be turned away until this can be provided. If you have an iPad deposit please email Michelle Lister at and you will be issued with an email to attach to your repair form when the deposit has been transferred across to cover the repair.

Deposits are checked at the time repairs forms are processed in the Finance Office. If you have paid and you have a deposit intact your repair charge will be refunded and your deposit taken instead.

Please note, that the repair form is available online and no longer through the Network Services Dept. By downloading the form from these pages you will help to minimise any delay in the repair/maintenance process.

Please note that we do not offer an iPad repair service for personal devices. Repairs are only for those iPads in a current iPad scheme.

Please note, that the iPad is the property of the school until purchased from us. Until that time all repairs should go through the school’s repairers and not be repaired by a third party. This is because the quality of the repair or materials used cannot be guaranteed and may lead to extra costs for the school to put right. Students will be asked to leave the school scheme if their iPad is found to have been repaired through anyone other than the school and they will be provided with a school controlled iPad that is not allowed home.

Repair Form

The Repair form at the bottom of this page is to be completed in full by a Parent/Carer giving as much detail as possible as to how the damage occurred. The name of witnesses should be provided wherever possible so that details can be verified, if required.

Please read our Terms & Conditions (see top right hand side of this page) carefully as some types of damage are not covered. In these cases you will be asked to pay the full cost of the repair/replacement directly to the school.

Repair Charges and Replacement Case Charges

The maximum level of repairs allowed per student per iPad scheme is three. Should you exceed this level you will be asked to leave the scheme and will be provided with a school-controlled iPad. This iPad is not allowed home and is collected and returned to a designated collection point each school day. Students with school-controlled iPads are automatically excluded from joining any future iPad schemes due to the risk of further high damage.

Replacement cases are not provided free of charge but are available at a cost of £25 payable via the online payment system.

Repair Charges

There are two repair charges depending on which iPad scheme you belong to. These appear on the online payment system under Products at the bottom of the page.

  • For those students who joined an iPad scheme up to the end of 2016 the charge is £40 (shown as 16GB iPad Repair – schemes up to 2016)
  • For those students who joined an iPad scheme from the 1st of March 2017 onwards the charge is £50 (shown as 32GB iPad Repair 2017 schemes onward)
  • For a lost or stolen iPad you need to pay double the repair charge for your scheme (please use the drop down menu at the side of the payment option and select “2”)
  • For water damaged iPads you also need to pay double the repair charge for your scheme (this includes any liquid damage howsoever caused)

If you are in any doubt as to which iPad model you have please look on your iPad in Settings/About. If the Capacity and Available GB are more than 16GB when added together your repair charge is £50.

Repair form