Repairs/lost iPads

Repair form

What to do if your iPad requires a repair

Should your iPad be damaged it is very important to remember that school iPads (scheme and loan iPads) can only be repaired through the school’s repair service and not through any third party.

Please use the menu on the right hand side to assist you in fixing your iPad and getting back to you as quickly as possible.

We do not provide loans whilst iPads are in for repair but students are still able to complete homework via or Homework4 via a home PC, laptop or iPad and a home internet whilst they are without it. They can access the full suite of Microsoft packages through Office365 using their student log in details.

Repairs procedure

This page shows the steps you should follow to submit your damaged iPad including the different repair fees to pay. Please note our repair service runs throughout term-time but not in the holidays.

iPad repair terms and conditions

This page tells you what is and isn’t covered under our repair service and what sanctions are imposed if our terms and conditions are broken.

Lost/Stolen iPads

It is important to move quickly if you have mislaid, lost or had your iPad stolen. Please follow the instructions given on this page as soon as you become aware it is missing.

Replacement cases and chargers

Please see this page should you need to replace your iPad case

Please email the iPads Administrator at if you wish to ask a question that is not covered on these pages.