New students - year 7

New students coming into Year 7 in September 2022 are invited to join our iPads for Learning scheme. Please find below a copy of the invitation letter sent to prospective parents/carers:

New Year 7 iPads for Learning Pack

New students joining HGS midway through Year 7 will not have an iPad scheme that they can join as students can only join at the very beginning of a scheme in September.

Joining points are at the start of Year 7, midway through Year 10, or at the start of Year 12.

We can offer a temporary iPad on loan until the next scheme opens for your child’s Year Group.

These iPads are not available for purchase and are subject to our Repair Terms & Conditions if they get broken. Please click the Repair/Lost iPads for further information. We allow one repair per student per year over the loan period and the iPad repair charge payable is £50 per incident of repair for a standard repair and £100 for a lost/stolen or water-damaged iPad. Please note that all our school iPads must be repaired through the school repair service – they are not allowed to be repaired elsewhere/by a third party.

If you are interested in this option please contact our iPads Administrator at for further details.

For any questions relating to iPads please email