New students - incoming year 7

There is no current iPad scheme available to join as our scheme has now closed to new entrants. The next opportunity to join a scheme is in Year 10.

We can offer a temporary iPad on loan in the meantime. These iPads are not available for purchase and are subject to our Repair Terms & Conditions if they get broken (Please click the Repair/Lost iPads button at the side of this page). We allow one repair per student per year over the loan period and the iPad repair charge payable is £50 per incident of repair.

If you are interested in this option please contact our iPads Administrator at for further details.

Not all our parents join a school scheme so if you wish to provide your own iPad please click Information for those providing their own iPad and return the ‘Own iPad Users Consent Form’ at the bottom of that page.

Because we have a closed wifi system here at school your child’s iPad would need ‘enabling’ to access it. Once the consent form has reached the iPad Administrator an appointment would be issued to attend one of our weekly iPad sessions.

For any questions relating to iPads please email