Leavers – what to do with your school iPad

When a student leaves Harrogate Grammar School they must return their school iPad back to us by their final day or as soon as possible thereafter.

The only exception are those students in an iPad scheme where they have an option to buy at certain points (see section at bottom of page). Outside of these times the iPad must be returned to school.

Will all students please remove the device from their personal AppleID via iCloud.com using FindMyPhone before it is returned.

Return instructions

Students still in school

Please take the iPad, iPad charger, and case to Network Services. They will check the condition of the items being returned and then provide you with an official receipt that is dated and numbered. If there is any damage or missing items this will be written onto the reverse of the receipt and in our receipt book. Please keep this receipt safe as it is proof of the return.

Should items be damaged or not returned there will be an invoice sent out to cover repair or replacement:
• £50 iPad repair fee to fix a damaged or non-working iPad
• £25 for a damaged or missing iPad charger.

Students who have left us

We allow 14 days for an iPad to be returned before we lock the iPad remotely and find that this is enough time for students to save items they wish to keep before locking takes place and they can no longer open the iPad.

Items like app data generally should be in the student’s iCloud account, and photos should be in the iCloud drive, given that is where everything is backed up to. The iCloud drive can be accessed at any time at iCloud.com. You can also save items to OneDrive or another Cloud storage system instead.

Option to buy

Should you have the option to buy your iPad please contact the iPads Administrator as soon as possible at hgsipads@hgs.rklt.co.uk

Options to buy are for scheme iPads only at the following points:

  • Mid-way through Y10 when iPads are upgraded
  • At the end of Year 11 should students leave us *
  • At the end of Y13

* iPad purchase will be higher than at the end of a scheme based on the age of the iPad

For those students who have not already left us, payment can be made using the online payment system whilst the account is still active. For everyone else, the only method of payment is by bank transfer and you will be provided with our banking details and a reference number to quote.

Once payment has been confirmed the iPad will be released from the school’s management system to allow it to be used as a personal device without restriction.