Information for those providing their own iPad

Years 7 – 9

Please note that current Year 7, 8 and 9 students have no option to provide their own personal device for use in school. For all other Year Groups please see below:

Years 10 – 13

Current Year 10-13 students are able to provide their own device for use in school. If you choose this option the iPad will need to be loaded with the school’s management system and be enabled to access the Wi-Fi system here in school, and an iPad consent form will be required to make this happen.

Please complete our electronic iPad consent form and put NEW YEAR (10/11/12 or 13) and OWN IPAD in the box where it asks for the Form Group. Once this form has been received by the iPads Administrator an appointment will be made at the next available iPad session, normally held on a Tuesday lunchtime by appointment.

Personal iPads are not eligible for repair through the school’s repair service as this is reserved for school iPads only. Assistance with general problems relating to Wi-Fi access in school can be given, but all other problems would need to be resolved by home.

The iPads in our school scheme come with an apps bundle that contains core apps that they can use for lessons. These are not available for students providing their own iPads. However, students do get the ability to install Office for use at home and on up to 5 computers. They can do this by signing into using their school email address and then clicking install Office button. Please note that student emails are only issued after they have started with us.

Students with personal iPads can purchased apps directly from the App Store as they require them.

A lot of these are now provided free with the newer iPads and some are no longer as expensive as they used to be. For a list of core apps, please see Further Information For Parents. Please note that this list covers students in Main School (Years 9-11) as well as Sixth Form students. Sixth Form students study less subjects and may not require all of the core apps listed.

If you have any questions after reading this page please contact the iPad Administrator at or on 07716 241269