Information for those providing their own iPad

Years 7 – 8

Please note that for new Year 7 and new Year 8 students from September there is no option to provide your own personal device for use in school. This is only an option available for Years 9-13.

Years 9 – 13

For those who choose not to join the school iPad scheme we still require a consent form to be completed to use their own iPad in school.

To protect our students in school we also have a closed wifi system which means that any device will need to be enabled to allow access. School iPads are automatically configured, but those providing their own device will need to attend an appointment to have their device enabled to do so. This is organised at one of our weekly sessions (by appointment only).

Once the Own Users iPad Consent form at the bottom of this page is received by the iPads Administrator in the Finance Office an appointment will be sent for the next available session.

Please note, that personal devices are not eligible for repair by the school’s repair service as this is reserved for school iPads only. Assistance with general problems relating to accessing the school’s wifi system can be given but all other problems would need to be resolved by home.

The iPads in our school scheme come with an apps bundle that contains core apps that they can use for lessons. These are not available for students providing their own devices but can can be purchased individually from the App Store as students require them.

A lot of apps are now provided free with the newer iPads and some are no longer as expensive as they used to be. For a list of core apps, please see Further Information For Parents. Please note that this list covers students in Main School (Years 9-11) as well as Sixth Form students. Sixth Form students study less subjects and may not require all of the core apps listed.

If you have any questions after reading this page please contact the iPad Administrator at or on 01423 5358230.

For those who decide to provide their own iPad for use in school please complete and return the Own iPad User’s consent form below:

Consent form – own iPad users

Once this has been received an appointment will be sent to the next available weekly session to have the iPad enabled to use our closed wifi system.