Physical Education

The mission of the HGS PE faculty is to provide students with opportunities and experiences that engender a lifelong interest in physical activity and promote the benefits of participation in sport. We believe that PE is unique in its ability to develop the ‘whole’ person, establishing skills such as leadership, teamwork and communication, as well as self-esteem and resilience, from a young age. We also realise PE’s important role in developing the fundamental skills essential for students who wish to achieve their fullest potential as sportsmen and women.

We strive to provide varied and engaging opportunities in which to develop our students’ sporting interests and knowledge, and through outstanding lessons, inspire and motivate all regardless of ability. Whether through recreational or competitive sport, or academic PE; HGS students will leave school equipped with an understanding of the important roles sport and physical activity play in a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and with the knowledge and skills to pursue them for recreation or career.