The Learning Centre consists of a well-stocked library with computer facilities, spacious areas to work, study and read. The centre offers access to information and ideas to support independent learning. Not only do we have a well-stocked fiction and non-fiction selection but all students also have access to eBooks through Overdrive.  If you don’t already have Overdrive app come along to the LRC.  Once downloaded you will be able to access eBook’s from the Harrogate Grammar School Overdrive site.

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The LRC will promote lifelong reading through the promotion of new books and authors. This will encourage students to explore different genres and become involved with the variety of activities taking place within the centre.


If you have any requests or would like to make a reservation please email;

LRC Charter

Our expectations of you / WE expect you to

  • Be sensible and responsible when using the centre and be respectful to others.
  • Keep food and drink to areas of the school where eating is allowed. Water is acceptable providing care is taken.
  • Return all books and other items on time so others can also enjoy them.

We will do our best to ensure

  • The LRC is a pleasant and welcoming place to be in.
  • We will listen to your opinions and recommendations.
  • We will help you find information, books and other resources you may require.
  • We are friendly and helpful.

We hope the Learning Centre is a productive place to work in.