Accelerated Reading





Harrogate Grammar School has incorporated the Accelerated Reading programme for all year 7 students making it an intrinsic part of the curriculum. This is a customised reading programme designed to meet the needs of every individual student. The purpose is twofold, primarily it works as a motivator employing a range of success criteria to encourage children to read. Alongside this, progress in reading skill can be measured: the more the young person engages with the programme, the more progress he or she will make and the more success can be celebrated!

At the start of year 7 every student will participate in the star reading test to determine their current reading age and national curriculum level. The results will determine the student’s zone of proximal development or ZPD.  The ZPD is reflected in the range of books the student will then read. The range accelerates in difficulty to ensure challenge without causing frustration.

The importance of reading cannot be understated which is why we have implemented the programme so all students gain reading practise.

Research by the Institute of Education has illustrated young people who read for pleasure are likely to do significantly better at school. This year students have not only achieved their targets but progressed towards higher reading ages. Our aim is to broaden the students reading horizon whilst bolstering their reading ability on a steady, measurable scale.

Once the student has been given their reading range they can access books appropriate to their age and ability. Students will be expected to read for twenty minutes every day to encourage engagement and promote success.

Parents/carers support is paramount, they will be expected to sign the accelerated reading record to confirm their child has been reading every week.

Parents can check the progress of their child through the Accelerated reading app on your child’s iPad or register to Renaissance home connect using the login your child will be provided with.

Accelerated Reading Resources