Our vision

Why Study Languages?

We want our students to have the necessary skills for effective communication with foreign people in a foreign language. By understanding and being able to be understood in a different language, you open yourself out to conversing with more people from more countries and therefore giving you more opportunities. Who knows the path your life will take?

In an increasingly globalised and competitive world, proficiency in a foreign language will open up more doors for you and could well give you the edge over the rest. We are committed to supporting and driving all learners to being able to use languages to the best of their ability and to achieving their highest possible outcomes in examinations. At the same time we endeavour to impart our own love of language learning so that every lesson on the journey from first words to fluency is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Our Provision

When joining HGS from 2015, students will study French as well as either German or Spanish in Year 7 and the vast majority with continue these two languages through Years 8 and Year 9, doing two lessons per week for each language. Those who started in 2014 or before may be studying Italian as their second language. From Year 8 pupils have the opportunity to study Mandarin Chinese as weekly twilight lessons, meaning that many students learn three foreign languages.

Most students continue with at least one foreign language in KS4, with many choosing two and some three. Students in all languages follow the AQA GCSE specification (except Chinese). Languages are also very popular at KS5 and in September 2015 we will welcome our biggest ever MFL cohort to the Sixth Form.

To further enhance the language learning experience, we offer an extensive range of trips and exchanges for all Key Stages and employ an outstanding team of foreign language assistants. We believe that having regular contact with native speakers and opportunities to visit the country ensures that students at HGS have access to a truly fantastic provision.