Key Stage 3

Italian lessons in Years 8 and 9 will contain a variety of listening, speaking, reading and writing tasks. We strive to maximise use of the iPad technology that we have, as well as authentic resources, in order to further enthuse and support students’ progress. Very early we focus on developing and honing the key skills that will lead to spontaneous interaction in the foreign language. We value the importance of a solid grounding in grammar and look to manipulate language structures using newly-learnt vocabulary so that students can accurately say what they want to say in a variety of situations over different topics.

Key Stage 4

For their Italian GCSE, students will develop their skills logically from Key Stage 3 and will be progressively expected to write and speak with more detail, complexity, accuracy and fluency, as well as understanding material that is likewise more detailed and complex.

GCSE Topic Areas


  • Health: Healthy and unhealthy lifestyles and their consequences
  • Relationships and Choices: Relationships with family and friends, Future plans regarding: marriage/partnership, Social issues and equality


  • Free time and the Media: Free time activities, Shopping, money, fashion and trends, Advantages and disadvantages of new technology
  • Holidays: Plans, preferences, experiences, What to see and getting around

Home and Environment

  • Home and Local Area: Special occasions celebrated in the home, Home, town, neighbourhood and region, where it is and what it is like
  • Environment: Current problems facing the planet, Being environmentally friendly within the home and local area

Work and Education

  • School/College and Future Plans: What school/college is like, Pressure and problems
  • Current and Future Jobs, Looking for and getting a job, Advantages and disadvantages of different jobs

GCSE Italian Assessment

The GCSE is assessed accordingly:

  • Unit 1 Listening (20%) – exam
  • Unit 2 Reading (20%) – exam
  • Unit 3 Speaking (30%) – two controlled assessments worth 15% each, conducted at any time throughout the course with the teacher
  • Unit 4 Writing (30%) – two controlled assessments worth 15% each, conducted at any time throughout the course with the teacher

Please note the GCSE Specification will change from teaching from September 2016.

Key Stage 5 – Sixth Form

A Level Course Content

This course provides a deep study into to the key aspects of Italian language, society and culture. The aim is for students to become fluent speakers and writers of Italian and to be able to express complex ideas with confidence and spontaneity. Students will study Italian film and literature as well as other sources and will develop the ability to respond in detail to the various themes they address in well-structured, concise essays.

Detailed course information for the above Sixth Form courses can be found in the Sixth Form Prospectus