Exchanges and trips


We believe that trips and exchanges provide students with the most rewarding and meaningful experience when it comes to language learning. The opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and language of a country is unparalleled, and this is why we aim to offer an extensive programme to students every year.

Almost all sixth form students take part in an exchange which has a hugely positive impact on their progress, namely the speaking, as well as giving them a genuine insight into everyday life in the country.

Current Trips and Exchanges:

  • Year 7 French trip to the Opal Coast
  • Year 8 trip to Germany
  • French Exchange to Northern France (biennially)
  • German Exchange to Tübingen (biennially)
  • Spanish Exchange to Toledo (biennially)
  • Italian Exchange to Piacenza (biennially)
  • Chinese Exchange to Hangzhou Province (biennially)