Work Experience

Key Stage 4

All students in Year 11 have the opportunity to experience two weeks in the world of work in the Summer term after their GCSE exams. Students are expected to organise their own placements and are supported with this by the Personal Development Coordinator.

Work experience provides a powerful tool for the development of young people, providing many students with the opportunity to excel in different and demanding circumstances doing much for many individuals’ self esteem. Work experience provides students with the opportunity to find out what it is like having to go to work everyday rather than being a student coming to school and can help them to have a clearer idea of what type of job or career they would like to have in the future. They are encouraged to develop team-working, time-keeping and communication skills as well as using their initiative and facing new challenges. Work experience often helps students to get a job later on when they have left school or possibly a part time job while they are still at school as well as Sixth Form, College and University applications.