Trips and visits

Harrogate Grammar School recognises the enormous benefit to pupils of educational visits. Every year hundreds of students at Harrogate Grammar School benefit from the experience of off-site visits. Students have the opportunity to be challenged intellectually, physically, socially, morally and culturally. These skills and experiences they acquire will remain with them for life. The range of visits available to pupils at Harrogate Grammar School is second to none. Annually there are approximately 100 visits, 10% of these are outside the UK and 20% are residential visits.

In addition to residential and overseas visits there are many day visits. For example debating competitions across the UK, theatre visits, Harlow Carr Gardens, DNA technology workshops, Maths competitions, Battle of the Books and many more. During September there is the annual rewards trip, usually to a theme park, to celebrate the high standards of behaviour during the previous school year.  Forthcoming events have been listed in the calendar.

Safety on educational visits

The safety of students and staff on educational visits is paramount. Most visits take place without incident, and to support this they are planned and delivered using good and safe practice.

Charging for educational visits

Under the terms of the Educational reform Act 1988, Harrogate Grammar School are not allowed to make a charge for any educational visit, but we are permitted to ask for voluntary contributions. No pupil will be excluded if his or her parents do not make a contribution, but if insufficient voluntary contributions are received, then regrettably, the visit would not go ahead.