The Himalayan Trust UK 2015-2016

The opportunity to give service to others and to look outwards to the local, national and international community is regarded as an important part of the education offered at Harrogate Grammar School. Each year the school adopts a particular charity and the Charities Committee organises events throughout the year to raise money for the work of the chosen charity.

Thank you to everyone who helped to raise the amazing amount of over £14,000 for last year’s chosen charity, Dementia Forward. The amount raised has not only helped to continue the support of the charity to those, suffering from dementia, and their families, but also has purchased Ipads for clients to use.  We look forward to some students going to some of their afternoon groups to show how useful the Ipads will be.

Fund-raising efforts focus on a student-led Charities Week in the Spring Term with bazaars, concerts and entertainment, all aimed at raising as much money as possible within the school community.

In the past, £24,000 was raised in 2006-2007 for the Teenage Cancer Trust, to equip a room for teenage patients at St. James’ Hospital, Leeds and in 2007-2008 £17,000 was given to provide solar panels in schools and villages in Zambia. The 2008-2009 Charities were Leeds Housing Concern and Harrogate Homeless Project and raised £14,000. The School Charity for 2009-2010 was VAMOS, an organisation which offers support to the Street Traders and their children in Mexico. The students at school raised over £14,000 for this project. The following year the chosen charity was Harrogate Hospital and Community Friends when the school raised over £14.000 to buy specialist equipment for the children’s ward.

This year’s charity was announced to the whole school in mid-November through a series of assemblies led by student members of the Charities’ Committee. The Himalayan Trust UK works to the guiding principles laid down by Sir Edmund Hillary when he founded the Trust:

  • To focus on basic infrastructure – education, health, environment
  • To do only that which is requested by the mountain people of Nepal
  • To involve the mountain people of Nepal themselves in the work – “self help”
  • To minimise all unnecessary cost

To this end the Charities Committee hopes to fund the school in Taplejung, Nepal, improving facilities and providing resources and, possibly, supporting the adult literacy group.  The total amount raised for the Himalayan Trust in 2015-16 was over £11,000.

Throughout the year we have also supported Just B and we have been able to provide funding of resources for the school in Matugga, Uganda, where monies raised three years ago enabled the school to build a vocational centre, where students learn trade skills, giving them life-long opportunities.