We would like to invite all of our past students to become part of our exciting new alumni community network,  Harrogate Grammar Connect.

There has been significant investment in this online platform in order to provide an interactive and user-friendly system for former Harrogate Grammar School students and staff to communicate with each other, share news and career opportunities.

As the network develops, it is hoped that former students and staff will be able to provide inspiration and advice to current students facing career and university choices.

There is a huge diversity in the career paths of Harrogate Grammar School alumni; among their ranks is a wealth of talent working across a wide range of fields including politics, the arts, education, property development, medicine, research and farming.

Wherever your career and life have taken you since leaving Harrogate Grammar School, we hope you will join us as a proud member of our alumni community.

Neil Renton – Headteacher

Click here to join your Harrogate Grammar School community.

Appropriate Usage of Harrogate Grammar Connect