Joining at 11+

Harrogate Grammar School is part of the Red Kite Learning Trust, a Multi Academy Trust for students in Years 7 to 13 of their education, that is, from the ages of 11 to 18. It is currently organised in 9 forms of entry and has a Sixth Form of about 600 students. Academies are their own admission authority and admissions to Harrogate Grammar in Years 7-11 are co-ordinated by North Yorkshire Local Authority on behalf of the school.

Harrogate Area Education Office – 01609 533679

Parental Choice at 11 Plus

There is a long-established system of parental choice in the Harrogate area. (This is defined to include the Civil Parish of Harrogate and the Parishes of Birstwith, Clint, Felliscliffe, Follifoot and Plompton, Hampsthwaite, Haverah Park and Beckwithshaw, Kearby-with-Netherby, Killinghall, Kirkby Overblow, Menwith-with-Darley, North Rigton, Ripley, Sicklinghall, South Stainley-with-Cayton, Spofforth-with-Stockeld, Washburn, Weeton and the former Parish of Bishop Thornton.) Parents who live in the Parishes of Askwith, Denton, Farnley, Leathley, Lindley, Middleton, Nesfield-with-Langbar, Newall-with-Clifton, Stainburn and Weston may also express a preference for a Harrogate school when their child is 11 plus.

Prospective parents should note that Harrogate Grammar School is consistently oversubscribed each year and the Area Education Office allocates places according to published criteria.

Out of Area Pupils

Parents who live outside the areas listed above may also apply for entry to Harrogate Grammar School. These applications will be considered if there are any places available after all catchment area applications have been considered.


All queries regarding transport are dealt with by Integrated Passenger Transport. Telephone 0845 8727374.

Published Admission Number

The admission limit for pupils into Harrogate Grammar School is fixed at 260 per year.

Admission Arrangements for Year 7, September 2020

(This information was correct at the time of issue but does not take account of further applications or appeals after May 2020).

Children with Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care Plan that named the school. 3
Priority 1 Children and young people in public care or previously looked after. 1
Priority 2 Children the Governing Body believes have special social or medical reasons for admission. 0
Priority 3 Children of staff working at the school. 8
Priority 4 Harrogate town area children with a sibling at the school. 75
Harrogate town area children allocated on distance. 145
Harrogate rural area children with a sibling at the school. 26
Harrogate rural area children allocated on distance. 32
Priority 5 Children living outside the Harrogate area with a sibling at the school. 0
Children living outside the Harrogate area allocated on distance. 0
Total 290


This information refers to admissions for September 2020 only. It is not possible to estimate the likely numbers for September 2021, but it is hoped that the information will help prospective parents to understand the possibility of gaining a place at Harrogate Grammar School. Admission arrangements are co-ordinated by the Harrogate Area Education Office – 01609 533679, for further information: