Our ethos



Our core purpose is to provide ‘excellence for all’ and we achieve this through the five REACH values that we embody, role model and teach: respect, excellence, adventure, commitment and honesty. In practical terms, we have three pillars in our school of focus – a culture of respectful relationships, an aspirational and inclusive curriculum and expert teaching. As a result of our work in these three pillars and our focus on values, we achieve not only our academic outcomes, but a broader set of outcomes in terms of kind, healthy, ambitious, knowledgeable, curious, enterprising, resilient, productive, responsible and reflective young people as they move on from our school community.





  • Work hard to achieve your potential.
  • Come to school every day, on time and properly equipped for learning.
  • Follow the school rules.
  • Have respect for other students, staff and visitors.
  • Participate in the wider life of the school.
  • Contribute to the school and community through service.
  • Wear uniform proudly and correctly at all times.
  • Stay safe and ensure others are kept safe.


  • Support learning at home.
  • Support the school rules.
  • Ensure students come to school every day, on time, ready for learning.
  • Approach the school early with problems and work with staff to resolve them.
  • Support the school through participation in school events and attendance at Parents Evenings.
  • To support good communication between home and school.


  • Support the delivery of high quality teaching and learning that meets the needs of all learners.
  • Have a positive attitude to working with young people and their families.
  • Be reflective and seek to improve and learn.
  • Make a contribution to improving the school as a whole.
  • Model high standards in terms of behaviour and appearance.
  • Use the planner properly to support good communication between home and school.
  • Ensure school rules are enforced consistently.


  • Provide learning experiences that inspire and excite all students to achieve their full potential.
  • Have high expectations of all students in terms of academic success and behaviour.
  • Use new technologies and ideas to support learning effectively.
  • Use assessment to inform learning and raise achievement.
  • Be reflective and seek to improve and learn.