PE and sports

Harrogate Grammar School believes that providing a variety of opportunities in sports for all is essential both for health and fitness reasons as well as the sense of achievement and value that active participation and successful competition brings.

This however, does not compromise our desire to fully extend our most talented performers and enable them to play at the highest possible standard. Students and teams regularly win trophies and titles as well as representing their area and county in a variety of sports and disciplines.

There is wide range of sports available and the main sports include hockey, rugby, netball, volleyball and football during the winter terms with cricket, rounders, tennis, athletics and volleyball being played in the summer. Other sporting activities delivered during the curriculum also include: badminton, gymnastics, dance, basketball and lacrosse. All students are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular sports and teams compete against other schools on a regular basis.


Information for parents who wish to spectate

Safeguarding and code of conduct information for parents and spectators