Parent Portal

To support better communication between school and home we provide parents with access to our new Homework4 Parent Planner and ClassCharts, our positive achievement system. Our third ‘Core App’ Showbie, is used by teachers to share resources for lessons and home learning and by students to submit work completed digitally. Teachers also have the option of making and providing feedback through this software. Further details on our three Core Apps is given below.

Homework4 planner

We have launched our new Homework Planner to Students, Teachers and Parents in the first half-term of this school year. The planners are currently web-based as we conduct a period of live testing before Apps are released in the second half-term. The Homework4 Parent Planner provides the timetable, description of homework tasks and deadlines set by teachers as well as current attendance for the year and details on rewards and sanctions gained through our ClassCharts software (see below). Sign in to the Parent Planner using the link below and the e-mail address you use to receive all communications from the School:

This year we have developed our student reports to make them more comprehensive, informative and to provide a broader picture of the individual. The first phase in this development will mean that on the first report of 2018/19 you will now see attendance, attitude to learning, progress and class charts information all in one place. We have also made the report accessible through Homework 4, which all parents can access when the report goes live on Friday 21st December.

We have also added a new dimension to the reporting process and have asked students to complete a self-evaluation survey ahead of the report, which will generate some personalised feedback after Christmas.

For guidance on how to access the report please see this instructional video:

Classcharts Positive Achievement system

Rewards and sanctions are issued through ClassCharts, accessible through the internet for both students and parents. Parents can monitor the number and type of reward or sanction their child gains over time through the iPad app or via the website (link below). New parents will receive their codes to log-in to ClassCharts once Year 7 students have been issued with their iPads. Students are awarded positives for their work and attitude to learning in and out of the classroom, together with their conduct around school. ClassCharts also provides parents with a record of their child’s attendance.


Students are able to access Showbie as a website through a PC or an App on their iPad when connected to Wi-Fi. Teachers can share resources for lessons and Home Learning through ‘classes’ they create on Showbie. Work can be completed by students directly onto a shared document using their iPad or documents can be uploaded from a PC. Teachers have the option of marking and providing either written or verbal feedback on submitted work using the Showbie App. Students can also add comments to Showbie, responding to their teacher feedback or after self-reflection on their work. All documents and comments made by students and teachers are displayed chronologically in folders created by teachers within their ‘classes’. Showbie is also used by students to record subject targets and to track their progress through the outcomes of the half-termly Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) in a Progress Tracker folder.


If you have any queries please email: