Parent evenings

The foundation for this school’s success is built on the three way partnership between the students, the school and parents. Providing parents with the information needed to support their children is essential. Parent Consultation Evenings are an important part of the process and normally there will be one such evening a year for parents of each year group to consult with subject staff. The dates and detailed arrangements will be circulated in good time by Year Managers and it is hoped that all parents and students will be able to attend. The school considers that students being present will enable them to appreciate how they are progressing and what they can do to achieve their full potential.

Booking appointments

Please visit Parents Evening System to book your appointments.

Parent help guide

Please login with the information requested:

  • Your first name, surname and email address (as indicated on the school’s system)
  • Your child’s first name, surname and tutor group (registration class)

We would recommend that you prioritise your appointments on the basis of the report received at the end of last term. Other than a small number of essential advance bookings, arranged on behalf of teachers, appointments are on the basis of ‘first-come, first-served’, and are limited to 36 slots in total per teacher. As a result, not all parents can be seen by teachers with more than one class (as with all Parents’ Evenings) and this is particularly the case in Science.  We apologise for this and would suggest that if you are unable to meet with a teacher and wish to obtain feedback, please contact your child’s Head of Year or relevant teacher.

If you have any questions or difficulties, or you wish to change an appointment, please contact Reception – 01423 531127


Teachers are roomed alphabetically in 3 main areas so you would find it helpful to order your appointments accordingly. Please leave 10 minute gaps between appointments to allow time for movement around school.

On the evening

Please adhere to the 5 minute limit per appointment. We would also ask parents to avoid putting the system under pressure by instigating meetings without appointments.

Students are invited to accompany Parents/Carers on the evening. We feel this enables students to fully appreciate how they are progressing and what they can do to achieve their full potential. Students must wear full school uniform.

The school will be open from 3.55pm. This allows time to prepare the rooms for the evening. Please ensure you sign in/out on the sheets in Reception on arrival and departure.

As you are aware there is limited parking on site and there are restrictions on Cundall Way and Southway, off Arthurs Avenue. In order to reduce congestion and inconvenience for neighbours could you please consider parking away from the site and walking in if at all possible. Disabled parking is provided at the front of the school and this is of course available to those who require it.

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