Positive achievement

We have a positive, consistent and effective system of reward and sanctions called Positive Achievement.

This system is to promote respect for all members of the community and achievement in all aspects of school life.

We aim to recognise and reward all that goes well from every day to the extraordinary successes of our students.

This is recorded through Classcharts, a behaviour management software accessible through the internet for both student and parent. Students and parents can chart their progress through the iPad app or by visiting www.classcharts.com and logging on. New parents will receive their log in details upon admission.

Students will be awarded “positives” in class and around school for displaying behaviour in-keeping with our school values.

There is a rising scale of rewards from points awarded through iPads which all staff use, through to certificates and postcards, all the way up to Achievement Assemblies and beyond to our Celebration Evening and Rewards Trip.

Students will be absolutely clear of their responsibilities and of the consequences of their actions. The system operates on a rising scale of usual classroom management techniques; verbal warnings and “negatives.”

When behaviour does not improve or in rare, but serious cases, students will be removed from teaching groups, detentions will be awarded and time may be spent in isolation. In extreme or repeated cases of antisocial behaviour, like any school, we would exclude students for a fixed term or permanently.

School Detention is on a Wednesday for an hour after school between 2:35pm and 3:35pm and is supervised by the Senior Staff. Parents will always be given at least 24 hours notice. We cannot make exceptions once a detention has been given, unless there is a real emergency. A further detention is held on a Friday for those students who failed to attend on the Wednesday without good reason or have received a second detention in that half term.

We expect very few of our students to experience our sanctions system but our principle is that no individual disrupts the learning or lives of others.

We must stress that we expect our system to emphasise the positive in our students and we do expect all to experience our Rewards system.