Students defy lockdowns to produce excellent GCSE results

GCSE students are celebrating an impressive set of results, which reflect their dedication and hard work over more than a year of disrupted schooling due to the coronavirus pandemic. Students rose to the challenge of remote learning by showing real discipline in their work and engaging with online lessons during lockdown periods. This remarkable performance demonstrates exceptional resilience, and we would like to congratulate students for achieving such excellent outcomes.

Overall, the results represent a very strong performance with 40% of all GCSEs awarded at level 7, 8, or 9, 10% being at the highest grade of 9. In addition, 86% of our students secured grades 9 to 4 in both English and Maths and 64% at grades 9 to 5 in both English and Maths.

Neil Renton, said: “The outcomes match the high standards that we typically achieve along with our continued emphasis on providing a broad and balanced curriculum, meeting the differing needs, aspirations, and interests of our learners. In the context of what this cohort have faced, we have much admiration for the resolve of our students, for their sustained effort and for achieving their own excellence. We fully appreciate the exceptional hard work of all our students, the support of their families and the dedication of all our teachers and support staff.”

This year’s grades were awarded to students based on the reasonable judgement of teachers based on assessment evidence. Teachers drew on their expertise and professional experience to objectively assess each student’s level, awarding grades which were moderated, and quality assured by exam boards. Students prepared with diligence, for an increased range of assessments, producing the evidence for the teachers to make their judgements. The grades, in our view, are a true reflection of their performance.

Headteacher, Neil Renton, said: “This is a cohort of young people who have had an experience like no other. We celebrate the success of our students today and take great pride in their achievements. The majority of Year 11 students have chosen to progress to our Sixth Form and we very much look forward to supporting them make the transition into this higher level of study in September. As today’s GCSE results show, the HGS Class of 2021 have a very bright future ahead of them and we wish all students, whatever their next step, every success in their future endeavours.”