Student Resources for Learning at Home

To access the Bridging Materials for year 9 into 10 and year 10 into 11, please click on the links belows:

Bridging Materials – year 9 into 10

Bridging Materials – year 10 into 11 

In addition to the work that is being set by teachers, a list of other resources to support our students working at home is given below:


How to access

What to do

Teach Computing: Home Teaching Resources

No sign-up is required. The units of work feature high-quality and fun computing activities that are grouped by key stage.

If a student needs further help with an activity, they can attend one of our live drop-in sessions held online by the expert computing teachers at our School Hubs. These Q&A sessions will be available every day to help explain the key principles.

For years 9-11 

Sign up for free or you can send yourself a password reminder to the email address used to set up your account.

Search for short animated videos or ‘pods’ on topics throughout most GCSE subject areas. Your teachers can set you pods to watch and questions to answer.

For years 7-12 

Sign up for free or send yourself a password reminder. If there are problems, sign up again using your school email address. 

Select the correct exam course from the menu and work through a topic of your choice.

For years 7-11 

 You have been given a username by your Science teacher. If you have any problems logging in, contact Miss Parker 

Your password will the same as your username. 

Your science teachers will set you quizzes to complete on Educake but you can also set your own from your home page.

For years 7-11 

 A free resource with no login username or password needed. 

You can choose to revise a topic or take a test.

For years 7-11 As a ‘Mathlete’ you can set yourself quizzes and challenges on chosen topics.

For years 7-13 Support in learning languages. Attempt fun tasks to improve vocabulary in 30 different languages.

For years 7-8 Reads from his World’s Worst Children stories. 20 mins of fun

For years 7-8 Klass Short music lessons with Myleene Klass, set up for home learning during school closures

For years 7-13 Videos explaining topics in many subjects, particularly good for Maths. Made for the US educational but covers much of the UK specifications.

For years 7-13 A website highlighting the location of lots of resources that provide support to learning at home.

For any year group  A great resource for musicians and to develop listening skills.

For years 9-12 

Your username is the first initial of your first name followed by your surname e.g. Andrew Smith is asmith  Your password is the same (all lower case). Any issues with logging in, please contact Miss Parker 


Kerboodle contains textbooks, interactive quizzes, animations, past paper questions and worksheets.

For years 10-13


A level: 

This website is running live daily streams at 10am (GCSE) and 12pm (A level). 

A list of topics for each day of the week can be seen from the website links. 

For years 10-11 The most-watched GCSE Science revision videos. There’s a new worksheet released every day, with links to videos and answers, tweeted the next day.

For years 12-13 Free access to books and journals

For years 12-13 Free access to books and journals

For years 12-13 Free access to books and journals

For years 12-13 Free access to books and journals

For years 12-13 Free access to books and journals

For years 12-13 Free access to books and journals


Please find a list of additional resources below which can be downloaded:

LRC recommended Summer Reads – 7.7.20

LRC recommended reading list – 1.7.20

LRC recommended reading list – 23.6.20

LRC recommended reading list – 16.6.20

LRC recommended reading list – 9.6.20

LRC recommended reading list – 2.6.20

LRC recommended reading list – 19.5.20

LRC recommended reading list – 12.5.20

LRC recommended reading list – 5.5.20

LRC recommended reading list – 29.4.20

LRC recommended reading list – 21.4.20

LRC recommended reading list – 23.3.20

LRC recommended reading list – 30.3.20

Sixth Form wider reading list/activities

MOOC’s information


If you need any assistance with anything, please contact the following relevantpeople: