Student Leadership Team visits Houses of Parliament

The Student Leadership Team from Harrogate Grammar School recently visited the Houses of Parliament. Local MP Andrew Jones gave the students a detailed tour of the House of Lords and the House of Commons, explaining to students the key political processes. Deputy Head Student, Olivia Searle, said β€œThe trip to London was a fantastic opportunity for our team to focus on leadership and teamwork, as well as providing insight into how roles of responsibility are reflected in government. We were given a brilliant tour by our local MP Andrew Jones, who explained more about his role on a local and national scale as well as how Parliament works. An amazing day was had by all.”

Deputy Headteacher, Tim Milburn, said “Our Student Leadership Team have made a significant contribution to our school and this visit encouraged them to reflect on their own leadership. It was particularly rewarding to see how our students engaged not only with questions about leaving the EU, but also the history of the Houses of Parliament and other issues surrounding welfare, rights and democracy. The trip was a great privilege, especially seeing the Houses of Parliament go through so much reconstruction, and Andrew Jones MP was able to bring alive the processes and democratic action that happens in this great building.”

Left to Right – Local MP Andrew Jones, Tom Richardson, Matthew Warren, Sam Ignatiou, Phoebe Kyriakopoulos, Grace Brennan, Joe Nichols, Amy Rees, Olivia Searle.