Student bulletins

Please find below dated links to the new Student Bulletin. This will be sent directly to students on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week and will include any key messages we wish to share as well as links to important resources, top tips to help students learn at home and how to look after their wellbeing.

We also want to share things that are still happening amongst our community and hopefully you will share with us any good news stories that you or your child(ren) have.

We understand that this is a strange time and we will miss spending time together with our students, therefore it is important that we keep some connection and by students reading these bulletins we hope to achieve this.

Students will receive their bulletin by email directly from their Year Manager.

Sixth Form bulletin – 1.6.20

Student bulletin – 1.6.20

Sixth Form bulletin – 18.5.20

Student bulletin – 18.5.20

Sixth Form bulletin – 11.5.20

Student bulletin – 11.5.20

Student bulletin – 4.5.20

Sixth Form bulletin – 1.5.20

Sixth Form bulletin – 29.4.20

Sixth Form bulletin – 27.4.20

Sixth Form bulletin – 24.4.20

Student bulletin – 24.4.20

Sixth Form bulletin – 22.4.20

Student bulletin – 20.4.20

Sixth Form bulletin – 20.4.20

Student bulletin – 03.04.20

Sixth Form bulletin – 03.04.20

Student bulletin – 01.04.20

Sixth Form student bulletin – 01.04.20

Student bulletin – 30.3.20

Sixth Form student bulletin – 30.3.20

Student bulletin – 27.3.20

Sixth Form student bulletin – 27.3.20

Student bulletin – 25.3.20

Student bulletin – 23.3.20