Student’s photo selected to appear in Show and Tell exhibition

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Photography Movement invited young people from across the country to practice their mindful photography skills and bring their emotions to life with a photograph for their Show and Tell exhibition; titled: How Are You Feeling?

The Photography Movement says, “Picture this: 1.4 trillion digital images were be taken in 2020 – most of them on our phones – but when we pick up a camera, do we know that we can use it as a powerful tool to support our mental health? We’re here to open up that conversation by encouraging the young to start using photography as a mindful practice.”

Year 12 student, Yasmin Topley has had her photograph selected out of 22,000 submissions to appear in the Show and Tell exhibition, an exhibition which represents the extraordinary words and photographs of young people’s stories of an endless pandemic and how they are really feeling during these challenging times.

The Art and Design Faculty aim to broaden the horizons and opportunities for students by entering National competitions and exhibitions that provide them with an opportunity to work with live briefs, obtain broader platforms to showcase their amazing creativity and to have their work judged by practising artists.

The Photography Movement’s Show and Tell exhibition was open to students age 10-18, HGS to run the competition as a live working brief for their year 12 photography students who are currently working through the foundation stage of their A level course. This competition was the perfect opportunity for students to reflect upon their feelings and emotions linked to the current pandemic and to communicate them visually. Students were encouraged to think about how they were feeling through group discussions and workshops and how photographic techniques and methods could be used to represent these thoughts and emotions.

There were some amazing submissions from all the year 12 students but there was one image that caught the eye of the judges. Out of 22,000 entries Yasmin was successful in securing a place in the exhibition of 83 young photographers with her piece named ‘Escapism’. Yasmin only just started studying photography in year 12 and has already caught the photography bug with all her work showing promise.

Yasmin says of her achievement, “I’m thrilled to have been selected to appear in the Show and Tell exhibition. Upon hearing the brief, I liked the concept of acknowledging people’s mental health in a creative way. I chose the word ‘escapism’ for my image as I know for me, and for many others my age, listening to music has helped me get through this pandemic and has been a source for escaping the current realities we are living in.”

Yasmin’s photograph can be viewed within the Show and Tell exhibition.