School is closed – Tuesday 19 July due to extreme weather

Dear Parent/Carers and Students,

We have reviewed our experience of the hot weather today and taken into consideration the following:

• The classrooms seem to be tracking at least 2 to 3 degrees above the external temperature.

• The forecast for tomorrow from 1pm is 36 degrees with this rising to 38 degrees by 2pm. We have found even the temperature today to be an unbearable temperature for children to learn.

• Despite our best efforts to cool the building over the weekend, closing all the blinds, we now have high levels of residual heat in school from a very warm day today.

• Despite giving out free bottles of cold water to the children at lunch, our site team making outdoor spray stations and adjusting uniform expectations, the school has been very uncomfortable.

• The fact that we have a very strong remote learning offer, developed through two lockdowns, means that we can maintain the continuity of provision.

As a result, we have made the decision to close the school due to the extreme weather conditions forecast.

Remote provision tomorrow

Teachers will send Teams invites for their lessons tomorrow and students are expected to join their lessons remotely via their iPad. For students in Year 7 who did not experience lockdown at HGS, the lessons will follow the normal structure of the timetable.

We ask you to support your child to stay safe tomorrow by ensuring they stay inside or in the shade as much as possible, avoiding the temptation to go and cool off in unsupervised areas of open water such as lakes or rivers, and by following all lessons online.

We appreciate that some families may have difficulty in arranging childcare at this late stage.

If you face this challenge and your child is in Year 7 or 8, please contact the relevant Year Manager to confirm that they will attend the school:
Year 7 –
Year 8 –

Please note we can provide a space for a small number of children in the air- conditioned library. Students who do attend must bring headphones so that they can join the lessons remotely. They should arrive at the library for 8.50am. Children will, however, have to make their own arrangements to travel to school as we have informed the bus companies that school is closed.

We appreciate your understanding as we face this unprecedented extreme weather and we will welcome students back to school Wednesday 20 July.