PTA Christmas Day balloon race

Following on from the huge success of the Halloween virtual balloon race we have decided to run another one for Christmas, this virtual balloon Race will launch from Santa’s Village in Lapland on 25 December.

Buy your balloons here

Each virtual balloon costs just £3 and you can buy as many balloons as you would like. You can buy a balloon as a gift, once you’ve signed-up, simply purchase a balloon activation code for £3 each and either send the code to your family and friends for them to activate or print it off, pop it in a card or wrap it up for a lovely Christmas surprise. To join the race, gift codes must be activated by 11.30am on Christmas Day. The gift recipient can decorate, name, and track their balloon themselves. The specialist software uses live weather data to determine the progress of each balloon and they can be tracked on Google Maps and satellites once the race has launched. You can alter your balloon’s parameters at any time to increase your chance of winning. The race finishes on New Year’s Day at 12pm (noon).

There are great prizes to be won in both the national race and the HGS PTA race – Good Luck!

Last year the PTA were delighted to support the school with a donation of just over £9,000 to pay for 4 water fountains as part of the new hydration hub in the new student entrance hall. This year we are working with the school to create a student garden in front of the new entrance hall. Students have told us that they would like extra places to sit and socialise at break time, so we are planning to create covered seating areas and a landscaped garden for them to enjoy. Now more than ever, we want to support our children’s emotional wellbeing and this space will give them the opportunity to benefit from light, fresh air, friendships, green space and nature.

Please support the PTA through the many fundraising events planned this year.