New student garden area

This has been a challenging year and we are very proud of the way our students and school community have worked together, despite the circumstances. We would like to create a very special place for students that will provide them with a space to socialise and recharge outside. We are asking whether you can support us to make this happen?

With the new building complete, we intend to make the best use of the area that was used as the compound for the construction work. This large area is right at the centre of the rear elevation of the school, facing the iconic Clock Tower. Our plan is to create a new garden courtyard for students to enjoy at the heart of the school to be used at break and lunchtime, that includes hardstanding areas, seating, protective sails and planting.

We have been working with Bowman Riley to visualise how the space could work and the initial design is shown below. We are also sharing the plans and design with students through our Senate to gather their feedback.

Key points
• The total ground is approximately 900sqm – equivalent to four times our main hall.
• The Ground work will be carried out by Skeltons who are a local company based in Birstwith. We have a 25-year relationship with the company.
• The planting is sourced from a local company in Whixley.
• The 6m by 12m sails are being manufactured at a local company in Darley.
• The benches are manufactured by Marmax and are made from recycled plastic bottles.
• All wood will be sourced from sustainable forests.
• The scheme includes essential drainage work, which will improve some flooding issues on the Astro. This will ensure that the garden courtyard can be used all year round.
• We plan to complete this work as soon as possible and hopefully before the children return from the current lockdown.

The PTA have kindly committed a donation of £10,000 a year, for two years, towards the project from their annual fundraising efforts. However, we have not been able to raise the same level of money for the school due to our community events being cancelled. Therefore, in partnership with the school, we hope to raise additional funds for this significant project through a crowd funding scheme. If you feel able to contribute, in whatever way possible, we have set up our page here:

• £20 will pay for a shrub
• £50 will pay for larger planting
• £100 will pay for ½ a bench
• £200 will pay for a bench

Any amount would help, and we are very grateful for any donation big or small. We would like to capture the names of all those who have contributed to this project on a donation board that will be installed on a wall next to the garden. If you would like to be part of this legacy, please complete the form and ensure that your name is identifiable
on the crowdfunding page.

We would also welcome any thoughts you may have for a suitable name for this new area of the school. Your suggestions can be shared here. We are looking for interesting names that capture something of the time we have experienced, whilst being optimistic about our future.

This is an exciting project for our students and the school community and one which we feel will make a positive difference to the wellbeing of our student cohort. We look forward to the moment when we can share this space, along with the new building, with you.

If you would like to make a substantial donation to this project, please contact Mr Renton directly. For any further questions or information, please contact