Mock election held on 7th May


On Thursday 7th May HGS held a mock General Election to provide students with the opportunity to experience voting in an election and to feel part of the election process. The aim was for students to all understand that elections give people a chance to make decisions about how their country is run and that holding free and fair elections is the most important ingredient in making any country a democracy. Students were able to register their intention to vote the week before the election and on Thursday 7th May at lunchtime the Hall became a polling station with students being able to come and vote by collecting a ballot paper and then posting their ballot paper in a ballot box.

611 students voted and the results are as follows:

Conservatives = 182
UKIP = 126
Lib Dem = 93
Labour = 89
Green = 77
Others = 14
Spoilt = 30

Total number of votes = 611
Key Stage 3 votes = 336
Key Stage 4 = 142
Key Stage 5 = 133

Mock_election2 Mock_election3 Mock_election4 Mock_election5 Mock-election

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