Year 9 options

Welcome, within this section you’ll find all the information you need to help guide you and your child in making the right decisions for their year 9 options.

So far, in Key Stage 3 students have followed the National Curriculum and, in most cases, studied all subjects. In year 9, students are able to make some important choices about what they would like to continue studying through to GCSE in Years 10 and 11.

There are some subjects, which will be continued to be studied, as they are required by The National Curriculum and ensure that the curriculum remains broad and balanced. Students will then have the opportunity to select some subjects that they wish to study and as a result, will no longer continue with some other subjects. Students and their parents/carers, will decide which choices to make, so it is important to talk through this together.

Students are guided through this process, supported in making the right choices, which enables them to have success and enjoy their learning.

Please watch the first ‘welcome’ video from Mrs Moat which explains the options process, after which the subject videos are listed separately, you can choose to watch just those that interest you or all of them:

Welcome video from Mrs Moat

GCSE Art & Design

GCSE Business Studies

GCSE Computer Science

Cambridge National Creative iMedia

GCSE Design Technology

GCSE Drama

GCSE English

GCSE Food & Nutrition

GCSE French/German/Spanish

GCSE Geography

GCSE History

GCSE Maths

GCSE Music

GCSE Photography

GCSE Physical education

GCSE Religious Studies

GCSE Science

The year 9 options booklet which explains the choices available is below:

Year 9 options booklet 2021-23

We would advise submitting your choices via the form below after the parent consultation evening on 26th January when you’ve had chance to discuss your thoughts with your teachers:

Year 9 options form 2021

If you have any questions please submit them via the form below:

Year 9 options questions